This page gives a quick overview of the projects I am currently working on. As each develops to the point where there is enough material i'll set up individual pages with more detail.

The Punic Wars

The is the project that is most develop, probably because it is the most straight forward and requires the least amount of figures, and I plan to get a separate page set up in the near future. Battles will be fought using Impetus, so far I have completed the Carthaginian army but know two players who have Republican Roman armies, though I love painting Romans so will probably do up the army myself early next year.

I am about to start cataloguing the battles I want to refight. For the Campaign I plan to use the board game Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage.

Fall of the Roman Republic

Ultimately this will be several massive campaign using the game Imperium Romanum II. So far I have a Late Republican Roman Army complete, but will need a lot more to refight the civil war battles. I have figures for a Gallic army but need to rebase them. Hope to start refighting battles while I build up enough armies to fight a campaign.

The Wars of the Roses

I have barely started this project. I have no figures and in terms of a campaign I have Columbia Game's Richard III game but I'm not sure how easy it would be to adapt it.

The Peninsular War

The ultimate aim for a Napoleonic gaming would be a whole of Europe campaign (including the Ottomans) where battles could be fought from Divisional level up to Army level. But to start with lets focus on the Peninsular War.

I have played a number of sets of Napoleonic rules aimed at a range of levels and the only one I have ever been truly happy with is Sam Mustafa's Grande Armee. Being an Army level game however I am not sure this would be the best set of rules for most Peninsular battles. I have played a few games of Lasalle but have yet to be convinced.

Troops wise, I have large amounts of French and Anglo Portuguese in 6mm for Grande Armee, and small forces of both in 15mm. Currently I have a few brigades worth of unpainted Spanish 6mm.

I have two potential maps. The Spain board from Avalon Hills War and Peace game, and the map from Rostherne Games The Peninsular War 1808-14, but i'm not sold on either.