Monday, 8 November 2010

Assyrian Aspirations

On Saturday I went to the British Museum to see their new Book of the Dead exhibition which is well worth a trip. It was my first visit to the museum and while wondering the halls I came across their Assyrian collections, including Lion Hunt and Siege of Lachish. While gazing at the immense detail and impressive scale of the works that fearful thought that all wargamers have entered my mind. Wouldn't it be nice to do an Assyrian Army?

This resulted in a lot of day dreaming on the journey home about four horse chariots when I had intended to make progress in cataloguing battles to refight with my soon to be completed Carthaginians.

I regularly face this problem, most commonly when listening to Mike Duncan's excellent The History of Rome podcast when he moves onto a new period that I know little about. I have been looking for an army to do in 28mm for Impetus tournaments so perhaps the Assyrians could fill this hole.

Anyway, must regain focus as the Carthaginians are due their debut on Thursday, delayed last week due to work commitments.

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