Saturday, 5 February 2011

Normans Complete, sort of!

This morning I put the final touches to the a unit of Bretons which finished my Norman army one day before the tournament.

In the end I did not complete all the models I intended. I dropped a base of archers and one of spearmen which I did not have time to paint and changed a unit of Norman Knights for one of Breton medium cavalry. That was a longer term decision. I would like to refight Hastings and therefore need a sizeable contingent of Bretons for the Norman right. I also haven't had time to finish the bases, only to gave them a coating of sand.

All counted 28 cavalry and 57 infantry in two months, which is extremely good going for me. The army consists of 4 units of Knights, 1 medium cavalry, 2 light cavalry, 3 units of spearmen, 2 crossbows and 1 archer.

I really enjoying painting these. I do not normally like painted 28mm as I get drawn into the detail but I didn't find this the case with these, and i'd highly recommend the figures.

I was able to give the army a run out on Thursday against some early Germans which I narrowly lost. The Knights didn't have the punch I was hoping for and my missile troops were useless against skirmishers. All good lessons for the tournament.

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